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To me, a photograph is about capturing a moment - a fleeting moment that will never come again. While photographing a wedding recently, I took a photo that really in essence is everything that I just said above. 

To some this image may be flawed... sure, it's blurry... but to me this image is about so much more. It's about a moment. I am so happy to have captured this image exactly as I did. 

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 

― Karl Lagerfeld


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Mixing Light & Colors http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2013/5/mixing-light-colors

This is the kind of setting that just trulyyyy inspires me to pick up my camera! Being around music and a creative environment is a great start, but mixing up the light really motivates me. The feeling is so sensual in this picture! It's like I know exactly how she feels playing that instrument, because I get the same feeling when I take an awesome picture. 

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Painting with Light http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/12/painting-with-light Light is absolutely fundamental for a picture. Sometimes light is there and it can be all right, not great and not bad... it serves its purpose. Other times, we get lucky and the light is just right and creates this intense desire to take a picture that will hopefully serve it justice. When I saw the light coming through the shades in this picture I knew I had to photograph it; it fell perfectly across Lizzy and I was in love with the contrast that it had created. I love moments like this in my everyday life where something as simple as light, which so many people take for granted, can inspire me to pick up my camera. There is something so magical about simple moments like that. 

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Fall is here! http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/10/fall-is-here Last weekend I did a fun fall family photo session in Old Town Clifton, VA. The town was absolutely adorable, with train tracks running straight through it, antique shops, and a cute little place to stop for soft serve. Fall is definitely a fun time to take pictures with the foliage changing, I just love the burnt orange leaves popping against the blue sky. The Bowman Family was so much fun to photograph and I'm excited to share the images with you all! 

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Family http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/9/family I am all about family. They are all HUGE parts of my life, and my nieces honestly just blow my mind most of the time! They are so cute and funny and I find myself cracking up at the little things they do. I am constantly taking pictures of Peyton and Madison, since I live with them (check out my instagram, pretty much every picture is of them- username: photoliviagram). I personally think everything they do is adorable and photo-worthy.

I just received my M2 in the mail about a week ago, and I was so ECSTATIC! It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday, and to kick off the weekend-away-wedding with Amanda Gilley. When I returned, I snapped some pix of the little girlies for fun since they are so photogenic. I find a surplus of inspiration photographing my family in general, but my little nieces and nephews take it to a different level! 


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SPARTAN http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/8/spartan This past Saturday I went to the Spartan Race in Leesburg, VA to support some friends. It was my first time EVERRRR to see something like this and it was so awesome and motivational to see all these people coming together with the same goal. Everyone was supporting one another and I could feel the sense of community. I took the opportunity to try and catch some shots that I have never thought to take, the sports-y ones, and I kept wishing I could get closer (perhaps a little bit muddy too?) but I was at a disadvantage as a spectator! I am happy with the shots I got and there is always next time! 

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New and Old http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/8/new-and-old I love trying to incorporate classic photographic qualities with modern techniques- keepings things fresh, while maintaining a traditional quality that makes a photo feel special and timeless. Photography has come a long way. There is something heart-warming about looking through old wedding albums; I remember looking through my parent's wedding album from the early 80's and it's soo crazy to see how much photography has changed!

A friend of mine told me about Ars Magna and I was very drawn to their artistic style. I'm particularly fond of Allana Taranto's (owner of Ars Magna) color work. Sometimes the color looks super digital, and other times, it has a film quality to it, which I absolutely love. Although, I'm a fan of highly saturated images, as well, it really depends what kind of mood I am. I love going with the flow and letting inspiraton take over. Sometimes it comes from the lighting, sometimes it comes from nature, fashion, or a mood. Either way, I let those triggers-whatever they may be-take hold.

Below is a picture from Ars Magna and I love how when you first see it, you can't quite tell what the white speckles are- snow? rain? stars? It's such a magical photograph!

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Photographic Inspiration http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/6/photographic-inspiration I absolutely love searching the internet for different photography that will create inspiration. While skimming through one of my favorite blogs, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I stumbled across a photographer, Max Wanger, based in California and I fell in love with his whimsical style. It reminds me of the innocence of love, and that he was able to capture and deliver that emotion through his photos was truly inspirational. I believe, as a photographer, the only way to grow is to continue your practice, and to look at as much work as possible from a variety of artists, backgrounds, and styles. Wanger's work is stunning and made me want to jump up and grab my camera and start snapping away... and also buy a tilt shift lens!

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Relish Ink http://www.oliviabeaversphoto.com/blog/2012/5/relish-ink I had a blast at the Relish Ink photo shoot. The spray painted backdrop was awesome, and I got to learn a little bit about the VA based design company. If you're interested, check them out. Their t-shirt designs are pretty cool and the t-shirts are really soft!

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